Jun. 8th, 2010

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Hello [site community profile] dw_news readers,

It's the first full-length update of the month, so I'm here with the news. We've decided that the the first update of each month will be mine (barring unforeseen circumstances like flying pigs taking down my internet connection, or a sudden alien zombie invasion). I can't imagine doing this for an entire month, but I do like posting for you all occasionally!

We just had a code push this Sunday. This means that features and bugfixes we've been working on for the past several weeks are now live on Dreamwidth. We've had no major bug reports so far -- crossing my fingers :) -- and a lot of new features, which I'm going to focus on this update

Saying we had a successful code push in front of hundreds of people is probably tempting fate too much. I expect a burst of heisenbugs to suddenly start popping up. So! If you run into any issues, do talk to Support; the team is awesome and always happy to take bug reports or answer questions. We'll get things sorted out for you.

that being said, on with the news )
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