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Hi Dreamwidth!

I've been stuck with a craving for Lucky Charms (they're grrrreat! And are for kids, silly rabbit), so I've been having that for breakfast this entire week. Also had it for lunch this one time a cat leaped up onto the dining table and ate my lunch for me. Hey, at least the cat didn't get my cereal.

Anyway let me just hand off my cereal bowl and we can start with the update.

Update 1 September 2010 )
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Beginning this week, we'll repost messages from the dw-progress mailing list to [site community profile] dw_news! Starting at the launch of open beta, we'll switch to using [site community profile] dw_news entirely.

We encourage everyone to keep [site community profile] dw_news on their Reading List. There's also [site community profile] dw_volunteers for volunteer opportunies and project coordination, and [site community profile] dw_lounge, where project leaders and site owners can post some behind-the-scenes looks.

Progress Report, 16 February 2009 )
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