Apr. 14th, 2009

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[staff profile] mark and I are still trying to find the point at which the hardware setup we're running with right now (which is much smaller than the setup we'll have at open beta launch) starts to complain at us a little bit (but only a little bit!), so we've just released another group of invite codes for our existing personal accounts to hand out.

We did this through our invite code distribution tool, which also allowed us to find a logic flaw in the tool itself -- which is why some users got more than one, and some users didn't get any at all at first! We've corrected the problem, so now every personal account has an invite code to give out to someone else.

You can find your invites at the Invite Someone page. (If you invite someone, please do be sure to point them to [site community profile] dw_news, and specifically our latest update, so that they're aware of the State of the Dreamwidth and know what to do if they think they've found an issue.)

(EDIT: A question elsewhere made me realize I wasn't clear -- the invites went to people who either didn't have any invites or who had already handed out all their invites, so if you hadn't already used the invite code that we gave out to [site community profile] dw_news watchers, you wouldn't have gotten another one. Also, if you'd sent an invite, but the person you sent it to hasn't created a journal with it yet, the invite code isn't counted as used yet.)
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