Dec. 25th, 2011

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Hello, Dreamwidth! I come to you with an out-of-cycle news post to announce a super special end-of-year present to all y'all ... but while I've got you on the line, I might as well go through a few other things. Sorry, you're gonna have to wait for the good stuff ;)

Behind the cut:

* Development
* Dreamwidth 101
* Import delays
* Site stability
* Aid to the Philippines
* Holiday points bonus + paid account creation
* A request regarding official DW journal comments

... and ...


Dreamwidth news, 25 December )
EDIT 12/26 11:45pm EDT: Hey, guys, as a personal favor to me, before asking questions in the comments could you please try to read the existing comments? I know there are many, many comments to read through, but most of the questions I'm seeing now are repeats and duplicates, and there's only one of me to answer them all. Thanks. :)
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