May. 10th, 2010

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This update would've been a lot earlier if I hadn't gotten sucked into TVTropes. (I will avoid linking in the hopes that I can spare some of you.)

It's been a busy week over here! We had a relatively successful Web 2.0 Expo -- I have abour four pages of notes on Things To Improve or Things To Plan For Later -- and the SF/Bay Area meetup on Friday night was pretty awesome (hello to everyone who was there, and especially to the people I met for the first time!) We also had what I think of as a particularly Dreamwidth thing going on: I taught [staff profile] mark how to knit, and he taught me how to fire a shotgun. (In case you've missed it, we both think that the wide variety of experiences and opinions demonstrated around here is pretty damn awesome, and both of us love exploring things we don't know, ideas or skills we haven't seen before, and opinions we don't necessarily share.)

I now get a week to recover from last week, and then head out to Portland to appear at the NCWIT annual summit with Kirrily Robert and Angela Byron. (Tuesday is the registration deadline, if you've been considering attending.) And as soon as I get back from Portland, [personal profile] sarah and I are ducking down to Washington DC to get married -- we're not holding the big-party wedding for another year or so, but we're doing a tiny courthouse ceremony the week of May 24th. It's a really packed month.

On to the update!

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