Apr. 27th, 2009

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The Dreamwidth open beta launch in easy bullet points:

  • Dreamwidth will launch to open beta and account creation at 9PM EDT (UTC -4) on April 30.

  • At that time, we will provide invite codes to all existing users for them to hand out to their friends.

  • We will also enable account payment at that time. If you pay to create an account, you won't need an invite code.

  • Payment options will be PayPal, major credit cards via PayPal, checks drawn on US banks, and money orders in US funds. Payment through PayPal will not be to an email address -- you'll need to create an order through our website, rather than sending money to an email address.

  • You will be able to make a payment for an existing account or to create an account. If you pay to create an account, you'll receive an invite code, pre-loaded with your paid time, to the email address you specify.

  • You will be able to make a payment for a friend's existing account or to their email address as well.

  • The first batch of 200 Seed Accounts will go on sale for $200 USD at 9PM EDT April 30. The second batch of 200 Seed Accounts will go on sale at 9AM EDT May 1.

  • We will expire the paid accounts of anyone who's used the beta helper to upgrade your accounts on the evening of May 1 if you haven't paid to upgrade your accounts by then. (That will give you 24 hours or so to make a payment.) Expiring paid accounts means that you'll lose access to the paid features, and any userpics over and above the free account limit that you've uploaded will be marked inactive. If you pay after that, your inactive userpics will become active again.

    Got it? Let's go to this week's news.

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