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Hullo, Dreamwidth! It's been a slow few weeks, and I haven't had much to update you on, but three weeks is a bit long to go without one of these news updates, so you'll get at least a brief walkthrough of what's going on in DW-ville. I even promise not to wax enthusiastic about our new kitten. (Who is TOTALLY ADORABLE OMG.)

it's also time to officially admit that I've been really lax on getting these updates out every week, and officially bow to necessity and say that from here on out these updates will be biweekly unless something really awesome is going on.

Behind the cut:

* Development
* Open Source Survey
* Help Japan
* Open Account Creation Results
* Paid Accounts
* Three Weeks for Dreamwidth

18 March )
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Hello Dreamwidth! First off: thanks to everyone who gave me a hand with the internet hell problems last time; the escalated executive customer service team did finally get the issues resolved. Secondly, I wish to announce that after, oh, two months of living in this house, we have finally set up the office so it is no longer a bunch of random boxes with a slowly-falling-apart kitchen table being used as a temporary desk. (Now I have my good old folding card table being used as a desk. No, really, it's an improvement, I swear.)

So, I am here to bring you this week's Dreamwidth News, now from my once-more-hooked-up spiffy awesome 28" monitor. Hopefully this will mean less shoulder and neck strain now that I am not hunched over my laptop screen.

A reminder: this week is Dreamwidth open account creation week! From now until 28 February, creating an account won't require an invite code. So, if you have anyone you know who's been unable to find a DW invite, this is the week to create an account! Welcome to everyone who's joined us so far. We hope you'll like your new home.

...I totally would have finished this update yesterday, except I slept through it. Yes, all of yesterday. I don't want to talk about it.

Behind the cut:

* Development
* Suggestions Bug Bounty
* Design Poll
* Location, Location, Location
* Embeds
* Nifty Mood Theme Tool
* Comment Cleaning Redux
* Sad News

Weekly Update, 24 Feb 2011 )
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People, I have to tell you this news, because it is the best news that has happened to me all year: I think (*knock wood*) that we finally have stable, reliable internet in our new location. This means that these updates may actually go back to being on time.

On a somewhat related note, and I do hate to do this, but: Does anyone reading this work for Speakeasy, now Megapath, and can provide me with contact information for corporate management? They were responsible for our six-week-long internet nightmare, in which the service worked (intermittently, even) for a total of six days before completely cutting out for the next six weeks despite multiple attempts to resolve the problem, and they have since failed to cancel the service at our old location, triple-billed us despite us having turned off auto-bill-pay, refused to issue a refund of that overbilling and of the credit on our account, billed us again despite having cancelled the service, and now charged us a termination fee for cancelling a service they were unable to provide. I have exhausted the possibilities of resolution with frontline customer service and am now attempting to get in contact with someone who has the authority to resolve this. I've already emailed their "executive customer service" mailbox and their board of directors, but if anyone has an inside contact, please PM me; thanks!

Turning to happier matters, behind the cut you will find:

* Development
* Code Push
* Adopt a FAQ Category!
* Volunteering
* Open Account Creation Week
* Changes to HTML/CSS Allowed in Comments
* The Ada Initiative

Weekly Update: 10 February 2011 )
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Dear Dreamwidth,

I know -- I never call, I never write. You're beginning to forget my name, aren't you? I'm so sorry about the delays on the updates. Our internet situation has been -- well, the less said about it, the better. There's a vague light at the end of the tunnel -- the DSL company swears they've figured out the cause of the problem ("the problem" being that the connection won't stay up for more than 15 minutes at a time), and we've allegedly scheduled an install with the Spawn of Satan, aka Comcast, to replace the DSL. If they ever get around to actually, you know, providing us service. (It's been two weeks since we started that process. I would think they'd be able to cough up an install date within two weeks, but apparently I would be wrong.)

Anyway, I've got hope that we might have functioning internet back sometime in the next week or two, and we can get back on a more regular schedule. (Believe me, I am this close to happening to someone if it doesn't get fixed.) I'll try to catch y'all up with the last month's worth of news, and then we can play the game of Let's See How Many Tries It Takes To Post This...

Update, 25 Jan )
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Oh God, Dreamwidth, I do not even want to tell you what the last two weeks have consisted of in terms of moving. Much less in terms of internet access, the finding of. (I'll summarize: Our internet is not being installed for at least another week. And the cell phone company sold me the wrong wireless access point at first. And ... you get the picture. I'll save you the whining.)

But I am back now, or at least back long enough to write an update. (I've had to save the few minutes of access I've been able to get here and there for handling things like payment problems, etc, and it is nearly impossible to put together an update on the iPad.) So, onward to the summary of what's been going on lately while I was languishing in the depths of internetless moving hell.

...And then I have to deal with my email.

Behind the cut:

* Development
* December Promotion
* New Mailing Address
* Data Migration
* Design (and redesign)
* Project News
* Sad Project News
* Invite Code Distribution

Weekly update, 24 December )
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