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Tom Tom ([personal profile] just_tom) wrote in [site community profile] dw_news 2017-04-14 11:45 am (UTC)

Dear Denise, thank you very much for your excellent text which makes the way Dreamwidth works very clear. I like your attitude and your business model much more than that of the LJ after it has been taken over and gone commercial and became more and more politically controlled. However, if I may suggest something, especially in the light of the recent emigrant wave from the LiveJournal. Maybe you should introduce a cheaper option (of course with more limited services), something at the LJ level ($20 a year). I believe that quite a lot of LJ emigrants will find such a fee more acceptable than $35 a year and will start to pay for their accounts here. Otherwise they will just stick to free accounts. In my view, it is better to have smaller sums of money from them than nothing at all. Myself, I had a paid account at the LJ for many years (because I believe that if you like something and use it, it is better to support it financially) and am thinking about starting to pay for my account at Dreamwidth too (regardless whether you follow my suggestion or not). Especially being aware that it helps you to be independent from venture capitalists and advertisers.

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