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[staff profile] denise's personal account here, with a few communities I run and really love:

[community profile] poetry is, as the name might suggest, for posting poetry. We used to do a thing where people would get tapped to host for a week and post poems throughout the week, but when interest in that waned, we switched to just "post when you think of it". The archives are great and very well organized, and we'd love to see your favorite poems added. (Especially poems in translation!)

[community profile] fucking_meds: So, I'm disabled, and I live with chronic pain. (A lot of my journal involves me whining about it.) Like many disabled folks, I am taking a lot of medications to treat things (or to treat the side effects from the things I take to treat things) and a lot of those medications suck a lot and the only thing worse would be not having them. This comm is for anyone who's taking prescription medication and wants to gripe about it, ask if anyone else has had the weird side effect that just popped up, find someone else who couldn't tolerate Drug X and ask them if they had problems with Drug Y that your doctor just suggested, etc. Not for medical advice, but more for "omg fuck YOU, Prozac, why are you wearing off me so fast?" type yelling.

Anyone is also welcome to add me to their reading list, although I am often too busy working on DW to post to DW. (Or too disabled. Fucking disability.)

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