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moonvoice ([personal profile] moonvoice) wrote in [site community profile] dw_news 2017-04-14 10:17 am (UTC)

It was fun reading through some of this stuff again. I've been here since 2010 and didn't know that thing about Paypal! Thanks for protecting our right to post our own content (within reason).

I'm so happy more people are coming over to Dreamwidth, *waves to LJers who have come over here.* I was a staunch LJer myself (I have a permanent account over there that I deleted everything from back in 2010), but strikethrough was too much for me. What's happening now is just... I very much appreciate you taking the time to post resources on how we can help more directly too. <3

Anyway, welcome all newcomers!

As for favourite communities that are active, these two are *quiet* but active (i.e. it can go one or two weeks without a post) and they are: [community profile] cross_stitch and [community profile] common_nature. They could both definitely do with some new members to share their cross-stitching projects and the nature that's around them! :)

Also you're welcome to check out my profile and add me if you wish! I post most things under lock, but my photography and art tends to be public. :)

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