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Hi Mark, I am a blind trans girl, hehe guess I'm in two communities and I have to say when I read your post, I felt a surge of emotions and almost cried as I was so happy to read your post. I know how tough it is for many of my close trans friends in Australia and it is far worse in certain parts of your country. I hope efforts like yours help anchor our global trans community in love and strength with courage and creativity. I wish I could find more ways to find people here, but it might be my fault as I am very shy, but I admit that even here I feel a little alone, even before I came out, wondering if it is my holding me back. Ihave so many friends on FB in a group there called GenDA Gender Diversity Australia, and lots of people who post on their frustrations re this topic of access to secure careers in ITS etc,. My personal addendum is off topic, but because I am feeling a little lonely I am no longer afraid of saying so publically. I don't wish to guilt anybody into being my friend, only saying it is harder in the blogosphere for me as LJ I only have two friends who respond to my posts so in effect both communities serve at the moment as person journals as few respond. Maybe I'm boring! LOL Forgive me, but yes, I want to share this with my trans friends on GenDA so they too can explore perhaps setting up models in Australia similar and or participate in some way to DW's work and links. Happy New Year to you Mark, Denise, Sarah and Fu and everyone and the energetic Kat XXX

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