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Verloren ([personal profile] groessteunterihnen) wrote in [site community profile] dw_news 2014-07-14 02:32 pm (UTC)

Browsing from a mobile device as we speak, and looking at a comm that seems to have been affected by the change ([community profile] amatomnes; I realize it's members-only but the immediately relevant thing doesn't require being a member to see) and for some reason my navbar at the top is all squished weirdly. It looks ALMOST okay if I hold the phone vertically, but when using it horizontally as I normally do as I have a flip open keyboard, the modules are all stacked vertically on the left with random open space on the right. I'd try to take a screencap but my memory card's been on the fritz so alas.

My point is, though, is it possible to redo the navbar itself to make it better accommodate mobile devices? Like having more of it tucked into menus to be tapped on to open instead of on display. As it is when I load the comm either way from my phone almost all I see IS the navbar, and I have to scroll just to see any of the page content, which is more frustrating to me than small text display sizes.

Edit: what I'm saying is, having two versions of the navbar depending on thhe device being used to browse, PC or mobile. Heck, I have a strong preference personally for sites that do that with their content across the board, especially if there's a way to opt out of the mobile version when using a mobile device!

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