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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_news 2012-07-02 08:27 pm (UTC)

Huh. That's weird; there shouldn't be anything blocking that. If the "date out of order" flag is getting set somehow during posting, it won't crosspost and it won't appear on your friends' reading pages, which sounds like the most likely culprit -- can you check those posts by editing them and see whether the date out of order box is checked?

If not, update your support request with links to any of the entries you can find that are behaving weirdly, and it would really help if you could also add the exact text of what your link reposter is sending to us through the protocol -- both the text of the entry itself, and any flags or settings it's including.

(The good news is that even if we can't figure it out, [personal profile] allen is working on the "memories" overhaul right now, which will let you bookmark things on other sites as well as things on DW and auto-post those bookmarks to your journal at specified intervals -- so soon you won't need to rely on an external service for the reposting if you're willing to switch your bookmarking over to DW. The first draft of the feature is likely to be missing some of the things that will be in the final version, and I can't give you a precise ETA, but it is being actively worked on!)

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