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Ammie ([personal profile] amielleon) wrote in [site community profile] dw_news 2012-04-12 08:36 pm (UTC)

Not particularly relevant to this post, but I was just wondering about this and google, ironically, was not giving me very helpful answers.

The only time you should report a spammer to the Terms of Service team instead of using the "Mark as spam" option is if you find a journal while browsing around the site that looks like it's a spam journal designed to boost search engine rankings. (And do let us know about those; they're not as intrusive as comment or PM spammers, but they're just as bad for the site as a whole and the harder and faster we step on them now, the less likely that the people behind that kind of thing will start thinking of DW as a good host for their garbage.)

What would this look like, and how does it help the spammer?

And what's the tactic behind those comment bots with blank journals that just leave inane comments like "This is fascinating!" (I've only seen these on LJ so far.)

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