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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_news 2017-02-15 02:15 pm (UTC)

I'm not exactly following you with the icon suggestion! Let me explain how it works with some examples from my personal account's icons, and then if what you want to do is something different, tell me what I'm missing. :)

Let's say I have an icon, keyworded "Tifa":

I've used it on a bunch of posts by selecting "Tifa" as the keyword when I post. Now I found a second icon of Tifa:

1. If I want to upload the second icon and have it replace the first icon on all the entries I've used it on, I would change the keyword on the first icon without ticking the rename box to "Tifa - old" or whatever and then upload the second icon with the keyword "Tifa".

As long as I use the same keyword ("Tifa") for the second icon that was used for the first icon, all past uses of will change to .

2. If I want to upload the second icon, but have both it and the first icon and have all the old uses of the first icon stay as the first icon, I would upload the second icon with a new keyword ("Tifa - new").

The old uses of the icon keyworded "Tifa" will stay and when I pick "Tifa - new" as a keyword, the icon used will be .

3. (the new rename scenario) I've been using the first icon for years, with the keyword "Tifa". I upload the second icon with the keyword "Tifa - new". When I'm picking icons, though, I can't remember which one is which, so I want to make them more descriptive -- I want the first icon to be keyworded "Tifa - staring at camera" (or whatever) so I can remember more easily what it is. I would change the keyword on the first icon to "Tifa - staring at camera" and check the rename box.

All past uses of which used to be keyworded just "Tifa" will still show with the keyword "Tifa - staring at camera".

I think what you're asking about is scenario #1, and it's been how icon keywords have worked pretty much since the dawn of LJ!

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