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foundjuanting ([personal profile] foundjuanting) wrote in [site community profile] dw_news 2013-06-11 10:44 pm (UTC)

I have mixed feelings about the bug fix. On one hand, you want to stop spammers and their spammy ways, and all the nasty fallout that can occur with it. I can also understand that you might feel your hands are tied or even get defensive over the matter- a bit of that's coming through and it's reasonable. However there's better ways to deal with this issue than a response that comes off like "just get an extension or something, idonno".

I admit, I've got a horse in this race. I'm traveling often, and I have a client who's bedbound, so both of us use either tablets or phones more often these days. In my case what I use is an old android that's stuck in the 2.? os, and phone browsers that don't clog up my limited memory and have extensions are hard to find. Personally I don't think I'm alone in this area of not knowing where to look.

I think a better approach to this is to create a mobile/tablet faq. What browsers are useful, what extensions are useful, and so on. Or if you're worried about it becoming outdated, a post that gets stickied somewhere in the help section so people can reply to it and add new options as they come out. Because let's face it, who knows in the future what phone/tablet-specific issues will come up (or kinda already exist, like the issues with my phone and the icon browser).

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