Jul. 2nd, 2012

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Hello, Dreamwidth! I would like to apologize (again, ugh) for the length of time it's been since last we spoke. The past two and a half months have been pretty awful for me in terms of health stuff and I had to cut down to the absolute bare minimum in terms of "keeping the site running", which did not, unfortunately, include the block of time necessary to write a newsletter. (And when I did, either my laptop was in the shop, we were traveling, or my neighborhood had no power after the huge storm that tore through the East Coast a few days ago...)

That having been said, this place runs on the efforts of a bunch of people other than me (thankfully!) and just because I've been fairly out of commission does not mean that interesting things have not been happening. Behind the cut, a slew of things that are new and shiny, or at least just things you should probably know:

* Development
* Markdown
* Comment Editing
* New Styles
* Google Maps
* Accessibility Team News
* Request(s) for Comment: beta features, blogging languages
* (Anti)spam
* Real Life Should Not Be A Disaster Movie, Dammit

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