Dec. 24th, 2010

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Oh God, Dreamwidth, I do not even want to tell you what the last two weeks have consisted of in terms of moving. Much less in terms of internet access, the finding of. (I'll summarize: Our internet is not being installed for at least another week. And the cell phone company sold me the wrong wireless access point at first. And ... you get the picture. I'll save you the whining.)

But I am back now, or at least back long enough to write an update. (I've had to save the few minutes of access I've been able to get here and there for handling things like payment problems, etc, and it is nearly impossible to put together an update on the iPad.) So, onward to the summary of what's been going on lately while I was languishing in the depths of internetless moving hell.

...And then I have to deal with my email.

Behind the cut:

* Development
* December Promotion
* New Mailing Address
* Data Migration
* Design (and redesign)
* Project News
* Sad Project News
* Invite Code Distribution

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