Jun. 30th, 2010

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Hello Dreamwidth! I am writing you this update from the depths of severe pharmaceutical influence (and not of the fun kind, either) for the whomping case of bronchitis I've picked up plus the latest round of Let's Mess With Denise's Pain Meds, so let's hope I can get an update out before I pitch over asleep on my keyboard. (Seriously, one of the ones I'm on right now knocks me out without fail two hours after I take it, and I'm starting this update half an hour after the evening dose. Clock starts ticking ... now!) Oh, and also, my wife and I are buying a house. Whoever said I tried to avoid stress?

Meanwhile, everyone please think good thoughts for [staff profile] mark's dog Trigger, who had to undergo emergency surgery today for spinal problems. Last Mark and Janine heard, Trigger's recovering well at the vet's, and the combined good thoughts of all of Dreamwidth can't hurt.

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