Jan. 14th, 2010

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Over the past few days, Dreamwidth has come under attack by a group of trolls with ties to several hate speech organizations. These people are attempting to disrupt our business through a number of methods unless we acquiesce to their demands. Unfortunately they are threatening and harassing not only us, but many of our volunteers and contributors as well.

The chief methods being used at the moment are false accusations to our merchant processor and our upstream provider that we host child pornography. We do not. Our Terms of Service prohibits all illegal material, and any reports of such material can be made to our Terms of Service team. They've also threatened to highlight legally protected speech in an attempt to stir up a moral panic against our business. We are working with our upstream providers to make sure they're aware of these allegations as well.

As part of this organized campaign of harassment, there have been instances reported to us of phishing attempts: setting up sites that look like Dreamwidth in order to obtain users' passwords. To protect yourselves, please make absolutely certain that you are only logging in at https://www.dreamwidth.org by typing the address into your browser's bar directly. Do not log in via any link sent to you in email, no matter how much it looks like it might come from Dreamwidth.

We have been, and will continue to, do everything we can to ensure steady and uninterrupted service throughout the current situation, but please bear with us if we experience any rocky periods. If anything happens, we will update our @dreamwidth Twitter account with status information as soon as possible.

We want you guys to know that we're incredibly thankful for our community, contributors, and everyone who takes the time to create with us. We'll be doing everything we can to make sure you guys can keep building the kind of community that makes all of this worth it.
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