Nov. 30th, 2009

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Greetings, dwenizens! I hope that everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving this past week had a good one, and that nobody was permanently maimed in the annual paean to commerciality that is Black Friday. (Circumstances forced us to make a visit to IKEA. It was frightening.)

This week brings us a miscellaney, or perhaps an assortment; one of these days I'll figure out the right word to use. I'd also like to use this opportunity and audience to announce that everybody should go out and buy a copy of Changing the World, the latest anthology of stories set in Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar universe, available tomorrow, as Yours Truly is the co-author of the second story in the book. (And if you order your copy through that link, I get Amazon referral credit as well as royalties, too!) It's my first appearance in print -- although not my first sale, which will be coming out in another few months -- and I'm ridiculously proud of it.

Behind the cut: development updates, messages from a few project teams, Dreamwidth-in-person, community promo, a few things we'd like your opinion on, and the handover to Mark for next month's updates.

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