May. 1st, 2009

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Good morning, Dreamwidth!

* First off, our second batch of 200 Seed accounts is now on sale in the Dreamwidth shop.

* Because we weren't able to resolve the issue with PayPal requiring login/account creation overnight -- it requires a code change -- so if you're looking to buy a Seed Account and you can't or don't want to use a PayPal account for some reason, you can choose Check/Money Order when you check out your cart.

* Again, because of the two problems we experienced last night, we're going to be doing a special Seed account sale extension a week from now once we're able to fix the PayPal account issue. We were hoping to avoid this, since permanent accounts are not ideal for us or for you, but given the magnitude of our bugs last night, we thought it was only fair to give the people who really wanted a Seed account, and missed out due to our errors, another chance.

* That having been said, we are absolutely not trying to pressure anybody into buying a seed account. We're selling them at launch not to create some sort of status symbol, but because we wanted to make absolutely certain we could fund our first year of operations without having to worry about being able to keep the lights on -- thus freeing us up to concentrate on adding as many awesome new features as we can. As we said a few weeks back, if you're hesitating at all about whether or not to buy a Seed Account, don't. We'd much rather we earn your trust over time.

* We're still receiving reports that some people are getting PayPal timeouts while trying to complete their order, which is preventing them from finishing up their payment. We're working on figuring out the best way to prevent this from happening. If this happens to you, try building a new cart and try again. (If you get the PayPal error, you won't be charged.) If you still can't resolve the issue, open up a support request in the Account Payments category, and we'll look into it for you as soon as possible.

* Last night -- about six hours ago or so by my clock -- we sent out invite codes to all our OpenID users who had set and confirmed their email addresses (as long as they didn't already have a Dreamwidth account). If you'd set and confirmed an email address, but you didn't get an invite code, please check your spam filters.

* For those of you who have created an account since we opened our doors twelve hours ago: we'll be generating more invite codes for people to hand out in a few days, probably over the weekend. For those of you who had accounts during our closed beta phase, you should have invites to hand out at the Invite Someone page.

* We're pretty caught up on responding to our payment-related support requests -- the only outstanding requests are ones that we need to do some further investigation and debugging on. If you haven't gotten a reply yet, please don't panic -- we just need to look into the situation a little more thoroughly. Our reply rate on payment-related questions may slow down a little towards the afternoon, though -- it's been a rough twenty-four hours!

* Thank you, everybody, for your incredible patience, good humor, and support through this whole process. Y'all have been awesome. We're thrilled to finally be here, thrilled to have made it to this point, and thrilled to be able to offer you guys a new online home.
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